ATG conversion system

We offer with our SVO/WVO conversion kit (two-tank system with fuel preheating) a well proven solution for operating diesel engines with untreated vegetable oils. In different versions available the conversion system fits for almost all diesel vehicles and engines.

The main components are
- Controller
- additional fuel tank (optional)
- electric switching unit
- electric fuel preheater
- heat exchanger
- control electronics
- pre-assembled cable loom

In order to protect the cold engine and the injection system, the engine starts off using diesel fuel.
As soon as the engine reaches its operating temperature, it will be switched automatically from diesel to vegetable oil. This results in a smooth transition from diesel fuel to vegetable oil.

The heat exchanger heats in combination with the electric fuel preheater the vegetable oil to an optimum temperature. The heated fuel relieves the injection pump and is finer vaporized by the injectors. It ignites and burns more efficiently, resulting in fuel savings and less wear and tear on the engine.

As long as the motor has its operating temperature, it can be stopped and started in vegetable mode. Only if the vehicle is going to sit for longer than 1 hour, it should be switched back over to diesel shortly before the end of the journey. In this case an automatic activated quick purge flushes the fuel system and the injection pump shortly with diesel fuel and ensures a cold start without any problems.
To prevent an unintended stop in vegetable mode, a short buzzer signal reminds to switch back to diesel.




Suitable for Diesel, Biodiesel and Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO/PPO/WVO)
Prevents fuel gelling (clogged fuel filters, …)
Keeps fuel fluid at extremely low temperatures
High efficiency by heating directly
Gentle engine heating - Less fuel consumption
Economical and engine-friendly by eliminating diesel additives
Reduces exhaust emissions
TUV (German Technical Inspection Authority) approved
Simple and quick installation with detailed instructions
Suitable for all diesel vehicles and engines: Automobiles, SUVs, Vans, Trucks, Buses, Tractors, Tows, Agricultural Machinery, Construction Machinery, Generators, etc.
Maintenance-free system
Possible to reuse when changing vehicles
Proven technology - Made in Germany

The problem ...

Diesel fuel and biofuels gel at temperatures below freezing. Paraffin crystals form in the fuel, making it gelly-like and cloudy. As these suspended flakes pass through the filter, they gum up its microporous surface. Within a short period of time, the fuel will no longer flow through the filter to the injection pump. The results: the engine loses power and stops running.
Adding gasoline or additives to prevent fuel gelling offers no real solution but only seem to help on a limited basis. They can have a negative effect on the engine´s performance and life cycle, not to mention, they must already be added before it turns cold.

... the solution

The Diesel-Therm fuel preheater offers a effective and above all else, a permanent solution for this problem.

Diesel-Therm prevents the filter´s pores from clogging up at very low temperatures by warming the fuel with a small heating system, which is mounted in front of the filter. In a matter of seconds, the energy-rich paraffin crystals will dissolve and the fuel passes through the filter as if it would be summer.

Fuel additives can be done completely away with by installing Diesel-Therm. With it, temperature-related operating problems will be effectively eliminated from the fuel system.

To prevent cold problems or a loss of power due to a plugged fuel filter Diesel-Therm is activated by the driver with a On-/Off-switch. The heating process is displayed by a pilot lamp and automatically regulated by a thermostat. The heating of the fuel remains as long as the heating device is deactivated over the switch.

Alternative to the fuel filter Diesel-Therm can also be installed in front of fuel pumps, solenoid valves, etc. to preheat the fuel.