Below you can see a selection of over 1000 vehicles used by our team converted. Many were designed to run on recycled waste vegetable oil. Gladly we give you the ability to upgrade your vehicle information.

Migros Genossenschaft Geneva, Logistic center

Migros Genossenschaft Geneva

The happyness of the client is important for us.

Soltau Logistik, Germany

Generator 1 MW

Soltau Logistik, Germany

and so does it looks like.

Coop Distributioncenter in Lausanne

2 Trucks converted for running with waste vegetable oil

Migros Genossenschaft Genf
(the biggest retail chain in switzerland)

the first truck is converted in july '09

The comonrail-engine of this Land Rover Defender 110 runs with wvo (waste vegetable oil). The additional tank is specialy made for it.

The Car belongs to ZAI SKIS at Disentis. This company is building one of the most famous skis.

Nissan Navarra 2008 (in Italy)

runs on wvo

Malerei, Ablaugerei und Sandstrahlerei

Nissan Navarra Cdi

runs on wvo

Junior Diesel

are driving a Seat Leon Pumpedüse
runs on fresh-rape-oil

Driving School Loretz, at Chur and Ilanz

Audi A3 from 06.2009
The tank is specially made for him.
The engine runs on wvo!

He changed his last car (VW Golf 5) which was also running on wvo and had mor than 350'000 km.
Now his children are driving with it.

Natur Konkret, Kreuzlingen

Land Rover Td4 Commonrail
Toyota Landcruiser

both are running on wvo.

Hunger Transporte, Jenins

7 trucks are converted
are driving with fresh oil

Eschmann Bau, Grüsch

excavator converted

Frutalpina, Laax
are supplying hotels and restaurants with fresh products, are taking on this occasion the waste vegetable oil with them, clean it with the RegiOil-system and are supplying their products in driving on wvo ...

More economical and more ecological it's impossible to drive.

FrutAlpina, Laax umgerüstete Autos werden mit dem Kleber gekennzeichnet

Intergen, Italien

The engines are running on palm oil.


UAB Bio Lt
Klaipeda - Lituania