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The idea to use pure, natural vegetable oils (salad oil) as fuel for diesel engines is as old as the diesel itself. Even Rudolf Diesel, who developed the diesel engine over 100 years ago, used vegetable oil for the first years.
Given rising fuel prices and under the aspect of environmental protection, as well as the nutrition of the world is increasing alternative fuels are offering a cheap and environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional diesel fuel to.
Natural vegetable oils from rapeseed or sunflower obtained are CO2 neutral, sulphur-free and non-toxic. Vegetable oils should not be confused with bio diesel (RME) will be confused. Bio diesel is chemically processed and is much more expensive.
Meanwhile, in public as well as in politics again and again the issue of nutrition of the world's population are discussed. Rape, for example, is not food for humans, but for our own livestock. By the extraction of the oil there arises a so-called rape-cake, which is used as feed for cows. From the perspective of the animal, as well as the farmer’s, the oil is actually the "waste product". Now in Switzerland may be not so much rape grown as feed needed, because at the political level, some relationships were not recognized correctly, and feed from second- or even third-world-countries will be imported. This is composed of soybeans or similar products, but to feed the local population would be needed...

To use pure vegetable oil, or recycled waste vegetable oil, which is certainly more ecologically, you need a conversion. Today's vehicles are not designed to run on pure vegetable oil, so that if fuelled directly only vegetable oil the pipes and the engine would not stand the burden in the long run. The best variant is a two-tank system.

In light of rising fuel prices and the climate change alternative fuels such as vegetable oil offer an inexpensive and ecologically friendly alternative to conventional diesel fuel.